Warrior Bootcamp 2019
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Discover the Secrets to Becoming the Ultra High Net Worth Contractors, Recruiting Top Talent and Automating Your Daily Operations To Make More Time For MARKETING
Single Ticket Package 

  • Learn the framework to a powerful culture (Valued at  $799)
  • Reach an audience you never reached before (Valued at $2,999)
  • Learn to build your own key performance indicators (Valued at $999)
  • Operational structures and employee reviews made simple (Valued at $1,499)
TWO Ticket Package 

  • We recommend you bring your key decision makers for alignment
  • Build  management and leadership skills
  • Learn the art of delegation to move the needle
  • Leave the bootcamp with a 90-Day roadmap full of customized strategies
About Warrior Bootcamp!
Restoration Warrior Bootcamp is for companies that are looking for a deep dive on leadership, sales, marketing and operations. 

We have been hosting these events for the last few years and our clients have seen massive increases and extreme steps forward.
Here is what you can expect!
  •  You’ll know what’s been holding you back from achieving your greatest goals. (The company moves at the pace of the leader!)
  •  You’ll better understand your ideal client and how to attract them. (Who’s your true Avatar?)
  •  You’ll learn how to get work from other sources, not just “Program work”. (End the rat race)
  •  You’ll learn how to create a Core Story presentation that has earned us millions of dollars in business and brand equity. (It’s not about the donuts and cookies anymore).
  •  You’ll learn how to increase your bottom line profit. (It’s not about how much money you make, it’s about how much you keep).
  •  You’ll be completely charged up with passion and enthusiasm for where you’re headed. (Create a united culture that will produce more leaders).
  •  You’ll learn how to create Raving Fans vs just satisfied customers. (A satisfied customer will leave you, a Raving fan is for life).
We highly recommend bringing key decision makers and personnel to maximize the impact. 
We'll see you at the top!
DO NOT register to attend unless you’re ready to put all your chips in the center of the table and go ALL IN on this business!

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