Is Your Foundation Strong Enough to Support Growth?
Are you working for your company or is your company working for you? Are you putting in 100 hours a week while your employees are making more money than you are? Like a skyscraper, you can’t build an empire without a solid foundation. Successful companies start laying the foundation of culture, systems, marketing and branding early instead of “waiting until we’re big enough”. Restoration Mastery clients build a foundation prepared for a massive empire. We get you from here to there.
Is Your Business Going Through These Pains?
  •  Are you tired of not being able to make payroll?
  •  Are you tired of wearing multiple hats within the company and taking on too many roles?
  • Are your employees the ones that are running the company?
  • Do you rely too much on third-party administrators for jobs?
  •  Do you not get enough referrals even though you go above and beyond for your customers?
  •  Do you want to eliminate the downtime of each of your employees during prime time?
We went through these pains and we overcame them through investing into the best coaches we can find. We invested a quarter of a million dollar on the best coaches and reversed engineered what they taught us to get through these pain points that hindered our growth.
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