Warrior Bootcamp 2020
September 11, 12 and 13, 2020

12-Hour Days

West Covina, California

3120 E Garvey Ave S, West Covina, CA 91791
We are filling our Early Bird seats to our Bootcamp!
 We are limiting this offer to the first 20 Warriors only!

That is only $497 for ALL THREE DAYS. There is no more excuse as to why you haven't invested into your business...

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The Business Bootcamp Built to Scale Your Restoration Company.

This Bootcamp was built from the PAIN and SUFFERING of losing millions of dollars in business by NOT having the basic foundation to scale...
We live, breathe and thrive in the Restoration Industry. 

We are not another coach that just knows in theory of what might work.

We paid the price to find what strategies work. 

We paid the price to create the proper systems and processes required to run a profitable job.

We paid in blood to grow to where we stand today.

From PAIN we have given birth to the PATH TO MASTERY.

There are 4 Steps for the
 Path to Mastery for any size Restoration Business.
  • Stand : As simple as it sounds, a business has to learn the basics of developing a SUSTAINABLE CULTURE OF GROWING LEADERS.
  • Walk: After the basics are built, the company can start to move at a steady pace (remember that the company moves at the pace of the leaders) and MEASURING PERFORMANCE.
  • Run: The key to running is MOMENTUM. In order to gain momentum, operations must be AUTOMATED with SYSTEMS AND PROCESSES managed by leaders.
  • Fly: This is when the company is ready to SCALE through branding and MARKETING.
We Are Constantly Asked:
"Can you share your knowledge on how you operate and run your Restoration Company?"
The Answer Is: YES, we love teaching & mentoring other restoration companies with the warrior mindset. That is why we hold this Bootcamp. Only warriors will thrive in the environment we created.

We have so much to share that there is NO WAY we are able to help you with just an hour or two of chatting. It will be like trying to drink from a fire hydrant. 

That is exactly why we created a 3-Day (12 hour each day) bootcamp. Thats 36 hours of training specifically to get you onto the path to mastery. 
  • Day 1 : You gain the mindset a warrior and culture of building a sustainable & scalable structure. 
  • Day 2 : You tackle sales, marketing and leadership strategies that will get your company moving.
  • Day 3 : You will execute on how to measure and automate the systems and processes to scale. BUT on this last day, you will do the heavy lifting of BOULDERS. You will develop a 90-Day Boulder that requires execution to move your company forward. This isn't your regular classroom style event where your grandpa went to learn restoration. This is for WARRIORS IN RESTORATION.
You will leave the 3-Day Bootcamp with a 
90-Day Boulder.

 This 90-Day Boulder is an execution plan on how to implement everything you get from the Boot Camp. 


We HATE when restoration companies go to events, get a bunch of ideas and then NEVER EXECUTE because there is just too much lifting to do. They lack the warrior mindset.

This is why you leave the Boot Camp with a 90-Day Boulder and a warrior mindset.
Check out these POWERFUL Warriors that have went through the bootcamp!
Who is this Boot Camp for? This Boot Camp is for you, 
if any of these describe you or your company:
  • You are working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and still not sure if you're going to make payroll this week.

  • You are too busy getting work done to collect money for the work you've done.

  • You're getting cut 10-20% on every bill you send to the insurance companies and third party administrators.

  • ​You've lost the fire and passion you once had for the industry.

  • You're wondering why your profit margin is shrinking.

  • You are not sure if you own your business or if it owns you.

  • You are losing jobs to other companies every single day and not sure why.

  • You're tired of blaming the weather for your lack of sales.

  • You're making less money as a business owner than you did as an employee.

  • You've built a multi million dollar business and not sure what to do to take things to the next level.

  • If any (or many/all!) of these things describe what you're going through right now, attend this bootcamp to learn about an opportunity that has turned around restoration companies throughout North America

  • We have opened restoration companies and taken countless others from $1 to $10 million and beyond with the systems we've created for you to plug into and collapse time to grow and scale your business.

We are so confident in our ability to change and grow restoration companies that we offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee 
Here's how it works: If at any point doing the boot camp you feel you did not get 10x the value of the ticket price you paid, we will refund you 100% of the ticket and you are free to go. We only want people that are committed to growing and do what it takes to succeed. 

We do this because we are so confident that if you implement the strategies you get out of this bootcamp, we know you will get a million dollars in value, just like many others have.
DO NOT register to attend unless you’re ready to put all your chips in the center of the table and go ALL IN on this business!

Like the sign above the NFL locker room...
Single Ticket Package 
3-Day Bootcamp
  • Learn the framework to a powerful culture (Valued at  $799)
  • Reach an audience you never reached before (Valued at $2,999)
  • Learn to build your own key performance indicators (Valued at $999)
  • Operational structures and employee reviews made simple (Valued at $1,499)
TWO Ticket Package 
-$500 Discount  (Ticket for Two)
  • We recommend you bring your key decision makers for alignment
  • Build  management and leadership skills
  • Learn the art of delegation to move the needle
  • Leave the bootcamp with a 90-Day roadmap full of customized strategies
We are filling our Early Bird seats to our Bootcamp!
 We are limiting this offer to the first 20 Warriors only!

That is only $497 for ALL THREE DAYS. There is no more excuse as to why you haven't invested into your business...

 If You Are Interested In Getting A Sponsorship Into the Bootcamp, Send This Page to a Sponsor!
Event Information

Where: West Covina, CA

3120 E Garvey ave S, West Covina, CA 91791
When: september 11-13, 2020

Schedule: 8am-8pm Each Day 

Please note, times may be subject to change
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